1. What are three challenges that face Michael Other in the course of the film?
Forgetting his past
Keeping up his grades
Becoming a good football player

2. What is the reason Luanne Tuohy gives for helping Michael?
Her reason is that she wants to help him because he doesn't have a home, clothes or food to eat.
3. Where does Michael grow up? 
In Hurt Village with no dad and a drug addicted mother.
4. Where do the Tuohy's live? 
In Up Town ( rich part) of Memphis, Tennessee.
5. What are three things that make the Tuohy family a successful one?
Good Athletes
Owns an approximate o 85 Taco Bells.
Work hard, giving and caring.

6. What are Michael's strengths that help him to succeed?
Physical strength
98% in protective instincts

7. What are the weaknesses that Michael has that threaten his success?
Emotionally weak
Low grades

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